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How to Avoid Losing Playing Keno with the Following Tips

How to Avoid Defeat at Playing Keno with These Tips – Keno is a simple, chance-based game where you need more luck than skill if you hope to win. However, even though keno is simple and easy to learn, there is still a lot more that you should know before starting to play.

Play 6-8 Numbers

You can play between 1 and 20 numbers. The more numbers in play, the higher the potential payout if you can hit them. And while that bigger payout may seem enticing, bigger isn’t always better. That’s because, with keno, the payout table doesn’t exactly follow the true odds of hitting as more numbers are added up.

Yes, the payouts get bigger as more numbers are added, but so does the casino house advantage. The sweet spot in keno is between 6-8 numbers. When you play between 6 and 8 numbers, you still have a chance to make a lot of money, and the house edge is as low as possible. If you play fewer numbers, the prizes are not worth chasing.

And if you play more numbers the bankroll gets better, but the house advantage becomes impossible to beat. If you want to be a winner playing keno, then you have to play between 6 and 8 numbers, no more, no less. Now that you know how many numbers you have to play, let’s talk a little about how to judge your game.

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How to Avoid Losing Playing Keno?

Try Multi Card Keno

With the advent of digital keno there have been many different versions of the game emerging. However, the most favorite version for many people is multi card keno. Multi card keno is just that, a game of keno where they draw a set of numbers, but you can play several different keno cards at the same time. The most important reason why multi card keno can be so much fun to play is because of the way you place bets to overlap multiple cards.

You can cover more numbers, giving you a better chance of winning, and when you determine overlapping numbers on multiple cards, your wins grow exponentially. Give multi-card keno a try, because when you hit, you can hit it big.

Look for Progressive Jackpots

Keno has always been an exciting game offering the ability to win big jackpots for small bets. It plays on the same concept as the lottery, because someone has to win, and when they do, it can change their life. Casinos have taken that dream to the next level by adding progressive jackpots to their keno games. The way progressive jackpots work is that for every dollar the casino collects for a game.

Then they will be able to add a small percentage to the jackpot. And despite the fact that keno can sometimes have very high casino advantages, if those progressive jackpots get big enough you can actually reverse the odds completely and have a long term edge in the casino. When you are looking for a progressive jackpot on the game of keno.

The very first thing you need to do is make sure that you understand what it takes to win. We all know we talked about how you want to play 6-8 numbers, but if the casino you’re playing at is offering a progressive jackpot for 10 out of 10 then you’d be a fool not to play enough numbers to qualify.